****NOTE: We are no longer accepting manuscript submissions for 2017 considerations. Please check back in January 2018. Thank you for your interest. ****

Becoming an author of Crystal Spirit Publishing, Inc.

Receiving manuscripts from authors makes us happy. However, not all manuscripts are selected for publication. We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE independent authors. Having an agent is not a requirement, but we will accept submissions from agents. We do not however pay agent’s or finder’s fees.

Here is how this works:


I. Cover Letter

  • Your mailing address, daytime phone number, and e-mail address
  • Tell us what makes your book unique. How does it differ from your competition? Please do not treat this request lightly; this is extremely important information!
  • Marketing ideas
  • A description of your book’s audience
  • A brief autobiographical summary. What do you, as the author, bring to the project? Past publishing credentials, education, etc.

II. Inclusions

  • Full manuscript
  • Self-addressed, stamped #10 (letter-sized) envelope (SASE) for a response. If no SASE is included, no response will be given unless there is an interest by CSP to publish.
  • Appropriately sized envelope with sufficient postage for return of submission. If not included, the submission will be shredded.


  • We do not accept one-page proposals.
  • Please do not send original artwork or original manuscripts. Submit copies only, as Crystal Spirit Publishing, Inc. is not responsible for the return or condition of submissions. Artwork in general is not required. The publisher reserves the right to select the illustrator.
  • Crystal Spirit Publishing, Inc., will not accept manuscript submissions via fax. We will not review any manuscript sent on CD, diskette or USB flash Drive.


Manuscripts can be submitted electronically:

Or via USPS and addressed to:

January 2018

Crystal Spirit receives a significant amount of submissions each year. We make every effort to review all submissions in a timely manner. Please do not contact our office regarding status. Please be aware that the submissions process usually takes upwards of 3-5 days to complete, as we strive to give every manuscript the attention it deserves.

Illustration Submission Guidelines

Please send 8-1/2 x 11 tear sheets or color copies (if black-and-white reproduction is not suitable for medium) to:

January 2018

Please send several (4-7) samples.

Please include your full name, phone number, fax number (if applicable), and permanent mailing address. If you wish for your samples to be returned, please include a self-addressed envelope (SASE) of sufficient size with the appropriate amount of postage attached.

If possible, please provide samples which display your ability to depict subjects or characters in a consistent manner, which portray different kinds of subjects.

If applicable, please provide samples which display your abilities in various mediums, styles, or techniques.


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