“Vision is the art of seeing things invisible” – Jonathan Swift

Welcome To Crystal Spirit Publishing, Inc.

Crystal Spirit Publishing, Inc. is an independent general trade mass media hybrid book publisher that accepts all genres.

Our mission is two fold; first to develop books that are high quality, sold in book and gift stores, placed in libraries, schools, and distributed as eBooks. Second to develop aspiring writers through our author development programs. We do not publish professional, scholarly/academic books or textbooks, although some of our books are useful to professionals or used in classroom settings. We do not publish books that incite hatred for race, religion or gender. Nor do we publish works that include immoral acts against humans (children and adults) or animals.

So, you want to be a Published Author?

The journey towards being a published author takes more than typing words on a piece of paper and calling it a book. Our publications have an audience and our audience expects works that will provide them with entertainment, inspiration, and learning. They expect excellence and professionalism. What exactly is it that you need? Do you have a completed manuscript and need a publisher? Or do you need help with one or more aspects of your work such as Scene transition/dialogue or character development? Or maybe you really just need some direction. You have written several pages but you are not totally finished and you want an honest critique and direction? Or maybe you have a published work that you would like to revise and repackage? Well, Crystal Spirit Publishing, Inc. specializes in all of the above and more.

Submitting your work is easy. First read the About Us section and then complete the manuscript submissions form for traditional publishing consideration. You will receive a response within 5-7 business days. OR visit the Manuscript Development Services section to take advantage of our hybrid publishing services.


Grant Me The Money

By Vanessa S. O’Neal

This must-have book is for anyone responsible for procuring grant funding…
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The Chrysalis Diaries

By Traci Marie Brower

This inspirational, romantic novel is a testament to love, kindness and being…
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Dark Deception

By J. Robinson

Best friends Amara and Winter get caught up with the same handsome, charming man…
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Spring Cleaning

By Vanessa S. O’Neal

Your mental health is important to your daily living. In this work, you will receive…
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Touched By The Power of God’s Love

By L.D. Schumacher

This great work can be desribed as poetry inspired by God…
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Manuscript Development Services

We receive hundreds of manuscripts from all over the world each year. Ninety percent of the submissions are rejected and not considered for publication. This is due in part to the manuscript being improperly prepared. The manuscript development services focuses upon assisting writers develop their works to be more viable for publishing consideration. The services are not only for submissions to Crystal Spirit Publishing, Inc. Our goal is to prepare and enhance any authors’ manuscript for submission to the publishers of their choice.
To receive a quote for services just complete the request for services form and a quote will be returned within 3 business days.